What To Register For Based On The Type of Couple You Are

A rollercoaster ride of guilt or the most fun part of wedding planning? These are the two most common experiences couples have when putting together their registries. Curating a list of things you want for yourself is no doubt enjoyable, but sending it off to a bunch of your friends and family can feel a bit awkward. But as Brides found, guests actually really love wedding registries. “It helps them find a gift the couple really wants,” writes Jaimie Mackey. “And those high-end items? You’d be surprised how quickly they get snapped up as group gifts or by your favorite aunt.”

So cut the guilt and get to the fun! Guests love options, especially when you give them ideas that they know you as a couple will be able to enjoy together. So grab your fiance and comb through these registry gift ideas based on the kind of couple you are.

You Already Have Everything
Cohabiting before marriage is now the new norm, which means that it’s very likely you’ve already culled most of what you’d consider essential for starting a life together, so the run-of-the-mill registry just won’t do. Instead, what you probably need is a boost to your cash flow or a honeymoon fund so you can actually leave your hotel room and do something while you’re vacationing.

We recommend using an online wedding registry like Zola, where you can register for honeymoon funds and all different kinds of cash funds. Of course, you can always just set up a card box where people can tuck away physical cash and checks, but even that can get a bit cumbersome, and you wouldn’t want to accidentally lose track of them!

You Need A Little Bit of Everything
Or, maybe you and your fiance have been getting by on hand-me-down plasticware and a couch you scrounged in an alleyway for your college dorm room. The time to get housewares that actually fit your style and are from your favorite stores is now. We love Zola for couples like you, too.

You’re Adventurers
The essentials are important, but so is taking advantage of this opportunity to ask for something you would never spend money on yourselves. Remember, guests love going in on and splitting the cost of special, high-end gifts that really speak to who you are as a couple.

For frequent travelers, quality luggage that will stand the test of high altitudes, connections, security, and conveyor belts is priceless. We highly recommend this King Ranch line of durable carry-ons and duffels, whose trendy style will be easy to spot when eagerly waiting in baggage claim.

You’re Homebodies
If your idea of an adventure is finding a new Netflix show to binge, you guys are homebodies and prove to be difficult for your friends and family to shop for. But if what you love to do is hang out at home, use this as an opportunity to make it a space you can truly call home.

Again, this is no time to shy away from big ticket items. Register for the living room of your dreams! If you desperately need a new couch, know that furniture stores like Pottery Barn and Wayfair have online registries, too.

You Love The Arts & Entertainment
If your idea of the perfect evening is the classic dinner and a movie (or museum), find ways to register for or ask for experiential gifts, or gifts that will allow you to do the things you love most.

See if there is a local museum pass program (similar to park passes) and share this on your wedding website or on your registry’s cash fund section. If you’re movie buffs, MoviePass is exploding in popularity and allows friends and family to give 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions as gifts.

You Love Entertaining
Or maybe you are the couple who likes to be on the entertainer side of things. If you love throwing parties and having people over, register for the things that will make you the host/hostess to beat. Generally speaking, this should include larger items such as various purpose serving platters, to smaller details like napkin rings. Don’t choose what’s cheapest — your friends want to invest in the things that will last you a long time.

If you’re not sure where to start, HGTV put together this wonderful hosting starter kit.

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