The Brides Best Wedding Planners in America

The 2020 master list of the top full-service wedding planners in America who, yes, kept the many, many moving pieces together—and, despite the unprecedented circumstances, continued to inspire us not only with their talent but with their perseverance, devotion, and commitment to celebrating love in whatever form possible.

We couldn’t be more honored & excited to be named ‘Best Wedding Planners in America’ by BRIDES! We didn’t do this alone, though. A tremendous amount of grratitude goes out to our extended Evoke family, creative partners, trusting clients (past and present!), family and friends. Each one of us evokes something completly different, and *that* is what makes each Evoke Design & Creative event unlike any that have come before it. I personally couldn’t be more proud to work beside the most creative & heartfelt gals in the business!