If you know EVOKE, then you know Jodi Moraru. Our owner, creative genius and #girlboss. We always love learning new things about each other, so I hope you learn something new about Jodi!

Favorite Pass Time?  Hanging with my family or alone time reading a book or magazine

Favorite Event to Date? And why? The Gelman Birthday Party!!!!

Favorite Colors: Orange is my favorite color and of course black

Favorite Flower: Poppy, Dahlia

Favorite Food: Sushi

If, I am not in the EVOKE office, you will find me here:  At home with the family or The gym/yoga/working out or hiding in a movie (rare occasion but I love the movies!)

What I am most proud of? My children

Do you nap? Yes – I am a great 15 minute power napper

How you do handle stress? I workout, eat well and get good sleep

Do you have any special talents? I am a great cook and can make anything out of what is in the fridge, pantry, freezer…and come up with a delicious and healthy meal

What is your design inspiration? Life

Mountain Hideaway or Beach House? Beach House!!!

What do you work toward in your free time? A sense of peace and balance.

What are three things remaining on your bucket list? One day learning Cello, traveling a lot more, learning to sign proficiently

What is your favorite thing about your career? I love people and find that everyone has a story to share