Meet our one and only, Jeannette. Our Senior Event Planner and Creative Director here at EVOKE. She is our colorful ball of energy that always greets you with a smile! She also plans all of our Destination events. Learn more about Jeannette below:

Favorite Pass Time?  Laying on the couch with Taylor on his foam roller

Favorite Event to Date? And why? Jacob’s Bar Mitzvah / Lilly and Brads Wedding

Favorite Colors: Yellow/ Olive Green/ Gray

Favorite Flower: Dahlia, peony and ranunculus

Favorite Food: Tapas

If, I am not in the EVOKE office, you will find me here: Out with friends, at home, blogging, working or traveling the world!

What I am most proud of? My accomplishments, Taylors accomplishments and my family for living the American Dream with hard work

Do you nap? I love NAPS!

How you do handle stress? Escape, travel

Do you have any special talents? Turning someone’s mood upside down

What is your design inspiration? The client – their likes, dislikes, their family, their dynamic and what makes them special!

Mountain Hideaway or Beach House? Beach House

What do you work toward in your free time? Balance

What are three things remaining on your bucket list? Sky Diving, traveling at least 4 countries a year, learning to speak another 3 languages (already know 3 fluently – would love to know 6!)  ohhhhh and no one knows this- I WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE to be a sommelier

What is your favorite thing about your career? Every single day is different. I love working with inspirational gals in a creative realm, it makes for a very interesting experience and day- sometimes I can’t even tell people about it, it’s like our own secret world! It makes it pretty darn special!

  • Photography:

    Laura Ashbrook