Admit it. When it comes to your guest list, your favorite people still need a bit of convincing. Your friend Eleanor might have a pre-booked holiday trip. Your cousin Rick is taking too long to respond. Who needs that kind of stress leading up to your big day?

But if there’s one way to win everyone over, it’s with a personalized invitation. This warm and welcoming gesture instantly piques your guests’ interest and shows how much you appreciate their presence. Plus, it gives you the chance to set the tone for your event, whether you’re hosting a sweet, floral-themed celebration or a golden autumn gathering.

Wondering how to squeeze that into your already busy wedding schedule? Don’t worry. You can create a stunning invitation, just by sticking to our three simple tips.

Do it with style

Some couples have their wedding look pegged from the very beginning. Classic and formal, elegant but subtle, or as casual as a stroll on the beach—it all depends on you. Just make sure it’s reflected in your invitation suite. After all, you’re planning the wedding you’ve always dreamed of! Make a statement that appeals to your guests, but be sure it’s unique to you.

Balance your colors

Choosing one to two colors for your wedding keeps things simple, but sophisticated. It can also tip guests on what to wear on the ceremony. Go ahead, get them excited about your black-and-white motif. Surprise them with a splash of purple, a blush of pink, or a shower of spring green. Pair your colors with a neutral hue to make it easy on the eyes. Finally, for a balanced, cohesive look, apply similar images and colors on your menus, bouquets, and thank you notes.

Show off your personality

Remember: your invitation is your guests’ first peek into your wedding. To set yours apart, add a bit of personality to your design! After all, your interests as a couple play a big role in the wedding plans. Are both of you travel junkies? Create a boarding pass or a map-inspired look for your adventure of a wedding. Movie fans? Invite everyone to your grand, red carpet event. Get creative by selecting quality fonts and photos for a design that’s unmistakably yours.

If you’re still unsure about the look and feel of your wedding invitation, head on over to Canva for more great ideas. You’ll find hundreds of ready-made templates to jog your imagination, from minimalist to rustic to all-out whimsical. Each design is easy-to-customize too, with tools from Canva’s free, drag-and-drop interface. It’s as quick as typing in your wedding info and downloading your invitation for sharing!

Why stop there? Get inspired by Canva’s array of planners, programs, save-the-dates, and other materials to really make your wedding a once-in-a-lifetime event!

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