From Jodi:

For four years, since its inception, I’ve been attending this exclusive, by invitation only, conference.  This year it was held in Paris, France and hosted at the iconic Plaza Athenee.  Sade Awe, the founder of ICE, curates a list of top notch speakers who are brought in to share their expertise with this intimate group of 50.  During the three day conference we connect, share, learn and continue to grow as leaders in our businesses and  in our respective event industries.  Bringing together a group of individuals from all over the world has had it’s advantages and has enabled EVOKE to grow on an international platform.  It’s become one of the highlights of my year in which I return to EVOKE feeling reignited and set on a course of action with the insightful take aways of the experience.  The connections are real , the friendships deep and the level of commitment and accountability we have for one another is unparalleled.

See below for some of the highlights from this year’s ICE conference in Paris.

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