Ignite your Mind with BrainSpark

This year at The Park School of Baltimore, “Brain sPark” made a successful comeback as the community gathered together for an electrifying experience that not only engaged the intellectual mind but also served as a playground for the pallet.

Brain sPark invites the community to come curious and leave smarter, which was the inspiration for every design aspect of the evening. The event took place in a private residence that in and of itself was educational with it’s extensive artwork and history. Guests were greeted by a school room teacher who provided name tags and a space for them to write their inspirations as an ice breaker to use throughout the night.

The hostess of the evening provided books ranging from easy reading for children to scholarly texts, on which the brain food bowls effortlessly floated upon. As guests mingled they were enticed by passed hors d’oeuvres revealed within book boxes or placed on iPad display trays.

The Corner Pantry did a delectable job on the food, combining flavors that would ignite a spark in the guest’s taste buds. Dishes such as foi gras pb&j or beet and horseradish Alaskan cured salmon floated around the room a long with an array of delightful desserts.

One of our favorite design aspects was the Periodic Table Bar where seasoned mixologists, or should I say “mad scientists”, created chemistry inspired cocktails that provided an unusual experience for the party goers.

As an activity, individuals were invited to step outside on the patio and participate in a sparkler photo opportunity. Working together with the photographer they were able to spell out inspirational words that were then captured using a slow shutter speed. This particular guest chose to spell the word “PARK” as an ode to the school.