You may hear us refer to The EVOKE Experience more often. We truly are focused on creating an experience for our clients, not just an event. The difference, you ask?

An experience takes the event to the next level. Adding experiential and innovative elements to an event makes it personal, and adds feeling and emotion to the party. We love to tap into our guests’ senses and create an environment that is visually stimulating, emotionally appealing and leaves your guests intrigued and wanting more.

Here are just a few ways you can elevate your event and turn it into an experience:

Have a vinyl station during cocktail hour, where your guests can select the next song, ‘juke box’ style.

Keep the experiences going through the end of the evening by having a string quartet at valet.

Place a hair and makeup touch up station, with professional make up artists, in the bathroom for women during the event.

Design your meal around family recipes with a story to go along with each course.