Event Planner

Drew Cameron didn’t waste any time joining the event industry after graduating from the University of South Carolina with a double major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. As an Account Manager for Select Event Group, Drew spent her time educating clients about the imaginative possibilities for their event’s design. She also learned to deeply value her client’s ideas and encouraged engagement in the process.

Now, Drew is the newest full-time member to the Evoke Design & Creative planning team, where she helps manage events alongside our President, Jeannette Tavares. Given the grand scale of many of Evoke’s events, her background in rentals is a critical asset for Evoke, adding yet another unique perspective to our diverse team.

Ever since she was a DC metro area high schooler, Drew has had a passion for the event industry since high school. She has a willingness to do whatever necessary to make an event run seamlessly. If you spend any time talking to someone who has worked alongside Drew, you’ll know we’re not exaggerating.

Drew evokes a chic on-trend style, textures & patterns with bold details, and exudes a warm demeanor.