Chemistry Inspired Mocktail Bar

It is no secret that cocktail hour is a favorite aspect of attending an Evoke event. It is the perfect time to socialize and connect with the guests. In addition, our clients appreciate a well designed specialty cocktail (or mocktail) and a unique bar design to elevate the hour. With a Mitzvah, at times the focus falls on the adults, though here at Evoke we like to include all guests in the festivities.

Luc’s Bar Mitzvah at Woodmont Country Club reflected just this with his chemistry inspired mocktail bar. In partnership with Cocktail Curations, we designed an interactive curation bar for the kids. This chemistry glow themed Bar Mitzvah featured test tubes, beakers, and an array of toppings to curate personalized drinks. The guests turned in to mixologists for the night as they poured and stirred fruity concoctions. This was a great activation to involve all guests during cocktail hour.

We accented our curation bar with an assortment of garnishes. Some of our favorites include maraschino cherries, citrus wedges, cotton candy, pop rocks, and gummy bears to add a youthful touch. We served the drinks in chemistry beakers with fun straws. Even the adults wanted to trade in their cocktails and join in on the experience!

The bar was personalized to the chemistry glow theme. We created shelves and decorated them with a variety of plants. The central focal point featured Luc’s logo. We then designed the bar to be illuminated in different colors that matched the Mitzvah theme.

Design & Planning: Jeannette of Evoke Design & Creative
Photography: Michael Kress
Mixology: Cocktail Curations