Bridesmaid’s Attire Inspiration

Today we are bringing you bridesmaid’s attire inspiration! Wedding fashion is something we have a lot of fun assisting our clients with. There are so many different directions you can go in with bridesmaid’s attire. You can go the classic matching route or make things exciting and unique with mismatched colors and patterns. Here are three ideas for bridesmaids attire inspiration.

Mismatched Dresses

Bride Carly opted for bright colors and bold patterns for her bridesmaids. While each dress was unique in shape, style, and color, they all cohesively matched the overall theme. This is a fun way to allow your bridesmaids to select a dress that expresses them personally. They are also able to select a dress that fits them in a flattering way.

Dresses You Would Wear Again

This is a hot topic as a bridesmaid. It can be frustrating purchasing a dress you know you will only wear at the wedding. Who wants to buy a dress that will just sit in their closet? It is great if you are able to give your bridesmaids some flexibility in their attire. Finding the perfect bridesmaid dress that your gals will want to wear again is crucial. We love these gowns in black. While they are each different styles, the matching color blends nicely. Black is a go-to color and a staple in any closet, ensuring these gowns will be re-worn.

Traditional Matching

It is traditional for bridesmaids to match gowns. In recent years, brides have opted for more unique and creative colors and designs, though the original trend was matching. There is something really beautiful about matching, more simplistic in style bridesmaid’s dresses. This style works really well with more bold and interesting floral bouquets. With a simple solid colored gown, the bridesmaids bouquets will stand out more. Especially in a neutral color like gray!