Five Times Poetry was the Perfect Thing

In the events industry, we are constantly seeking the perfect balance between making an event run flawlessly and with the timeless precision of a swiss watch, while making sure that every event feels fresh, new, and one of a kind. As you can imagine, it is an art form.

A few years ago, we stumbled across a performance group who has surprised us to no end with the ability to do just that. At first, we thought, “Tiny Japanese-influenced poetry written on vintage typewriters by dapper ladies and gentlemen? Quirky and charming for a vintage wedding at a Brazilian sushi restaurant, sure, but does it have the versatility to apply to other more traditional, large scale, luxury, or mainstream events?”

Here are five times we were amazed by the universal appeal of live interactive poetry performance art.

1. A community party for Google. Yes, The Google. Stationed on a custom stage in front of Google’s life-sized colorful logo, two three-piece-suited gentlemen flanked a lady in a Hidden Figures-era cocktail dress, while happy attendees crowded around to enjoy the atmosphere and wait their turn for their own individual poetic consultation. A surprising centerpiece for a tech company, but turns out tech loves analog, as you’ll see in example #3.

2. A 21st birthday in the hippest venue in town. Nothing says “Prohibition is over” like two finely suited men thrilling a group of elite youngsters on the verge of greatness and adulthood. Set up in a wooden bar area, guests mingled with the poets and the sound of laughter and typewriter keys delighted the revelers (as well as a bit of champagne…)

3. A celebration for SpaceX. We’re certain that a typewriter will be one of the first antiques sent to Mars. A perfectly produced and very private event for the high-profile company needed elements that were subtle, surprising, and timeless, and it turns out that even the most educated engineers of our time can get down with some poetry.

4. A private dinner party for our industry darlings. This was especially fun, because instead of having the poets perform live for us, we worked with them in advance to craft custom dedicated poetry for every single guest, which was then used both as place cards for dinner and a keepsake to take home with them.

5. A surprise birthday party in an underground art gallery. When we were asked to create a totally stunning late night surprise event for an artistically oriented client, we knew that poetry would be right at home. It was a treat to watch black tie guests dedicate poems in honor of the man of the hour.

So, it’s safe to say we’ve been pretty amazed by the effect poetry can have on any type of thoughtful engagement. Remember that you heard it here first: poets are the new DJs. Learn more about The Haiku Guys here!

  • Photography:

    Laura Ashbrook Photography