Continuing the theme of the EVOKE’s captivating wedding of Brian and Kimya… to celebrate the union, the ceremony included a beautiful and elegant Persian cultural ritual called the Sofreh Aghd. A “spread” or sofreh is prepared for the bride and groom, and usually set on the floor facing the east, so that the couple facing the sofreh will face the light. The spread contains many items that symbolize different qualities that the couple would hope to bring into their new life together. For example, a spice tray of seven different spices to guard against the evil eye, crystallized sugar to sweeten life for the newly weds, and honey to consume right after the ceremony to ensure the sweetness in life. There is also a bowl of decorated eggs and nuts symbolizing fertility, and a tray of bread for prosperity. The Sofreh at Brian and Kimya’s wedding was beautifully prepared by the team of Sofreh Atelier, who designed it based on the couples wedding colors and preferences.

{Photo Credit: Bill and Anne Holland, Holland Photo Arts}