As a designing and planning team, creating environments that reflect our client’s personal interests and passions is one of our many sought after goals. It’s a process that is made easy when designing Bar and Bat Mitzvahs because these young boys and girls aspirations glow from within. Seth was such a fun kid to work with because of his love for music. What better way to showcase his talent than a debut performance by his band the night of his Bar Mitzvah.

We selected the perfect venue for this big night. The Howard Theater was ideal to create a fun environment and unforgettable experience for both the kids and adults. The entire night was centered around the main stage where Seth and his band mates stole the show.

We installed a laser like structure as the main design element in order to imitate laser beams that you would see soaring through the crowd at a large concert venue. The food was designed to reflect typical concert concession stands with gourmet finger foods and yummy desserts. The space allowed for the adults to enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the loft while overlooking the kids and their activities on the main floor.

The night ended with dancing and unforgettable memories as Seth and his band took the stage and led the crowd into a night of celebration.

  • Photography:

    Geoff Chesman

  • Venue:

    The Howard Theatre

  • Decor:

    Event Revolution

  • Green Screen:

    Howard Lansat

  • Print:

    Emily Baird Design

  • Entertainment and Recording Booth:

    Washington Talent

  • Videography:

    Tom Bowen

  • Valet:

    MJ Valet