Meet our EVOKE Team. Each of us bring something unique to EVOKE which allows us to pull together some truly magnificent events.  Learn more about our team and what we love most about being part of the Event Industry.

Jodi Moraru

What I love most is that everyday is different. Each clients dreams, desires and events are all unique. I approach each new day with excitement as I am allowed to flex my creative muscles, tackle new issues and keep learning. I have had the privilege of working with so many amazingly talented professionals and with every new event I create I am able to pull together the most magnificent team for that client.

The Ultimate Moment: Having that personal moment with my bride before I send her down the asile. I love knowing that I created the perfect stress free special day for them and they can finally relax and savor every moment of it.

Thy Parra

I think life and work should always incorporate a component of fun. Therefore, I try to bring laughter and fun into my work with the EVOKE Team.  Although we take our events seriously, we try not to take ourselves or each other too seriously. We can laugh with, and at each other, but most importantly keep one another enthusiastic.In addition, it’s essential to find the right match with our clients to ensure that we all enjoy the process throughout. Our clients become part of our EVOKE family also – they are whom we interact with daily, have on speed-dial, and end up talking to at odd hours of the day. By the end of the event and process, they are the ones that we look forward to kicking our feet up with, having a drink, and recollecting the high points with. There is so much joy in taking our clients’ basic ideas into fruition and, even more, exceeding it beyond their expectations.

The Ultimate Moment: One of the most exciting moments, is when the lights are dimmed and our clients walk through the doors. The hours, months, and, many times, years become compressed into that one amazing moment. Words can not describe the elation and pride that we feel – it is just pure exhilaration!

Danielle Couick

Growing up in the South, I was born with entertaining  in my blood. This is just one of the things that has made me so passionate for planning, event design and etiquette.  Because of my experiences through other facets of the industry I  am able to mentally and physically walk through an event as a guest would and conceptualize each detail to create the big picture of the special day. I envision each piece from the beginning to the end as it would be experienced by each person leaving no stone left unturned. I enjoy creating unique events that capture the priorities,  goals and personalities of each client while educating them on their options and decisions every step of the way. I am passionate about providing my clients with the tools and education they need to made the best decision based on what fits them not just what I think is best. We know it is a big world out there when it comes to planning your event, and having any of the wonderful ladies from the EVOKE team can help you weed out the miscellany and make the whole process smooth and enjoyable and down right fun!

The Ultimate Moment:

Call me “old fashioned” but my absolute favorite moment of every wedding is watching the faces of my grooms as they lay eyes on their stunning brides for the first time walking down the aisle. Words cannot express or capture what is happening between those two people at that exact moment. It’s not for me to understand but I am thrilled to have played such a small part in such an amazing commitment.

Jeannette Tavares

Most people have trouble deciding what career path they want to head down or find out that they made the wrong choice once they have entered their respective field.  Before entering the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, I knew, without a doubt, that I wanted to be an event planner with an emphasis in weddings.  Becoming part of the EVOKE team has validated this goal far better than I could have ever imagined.  The events that we plan are innovative and stoke my imagination far beyond the horizons I had originally thought possible.  I delight in the fact that our clients come to us with the trust that we will deliver the event of their dreams.  Each of these events end up turning into the event of my dreams.  EVOKE spurs my creativity more and more everyday.  This is work that I truly enjoy, and I believe that it reflects in our final products, day in and day out.

The Ultimate Moment: When the couple is introduced for the first time as man & wife or the honored guest at their Bar/Bat Mitzvah walk into the room, it is all about them for that special moment. I love seeing their faces filled with pure excitement.

Laura Cannaday

From planning my high school prom to executing high profile corporate meetings in New York City, I have always had a passion for planning any type of event.  It is important to love the work that you do, and working for EVOKE has strengthened and solidified my true love of event planning.  EVOKE expresses genuine care and services to each of its clients and develops innovative ways of making each event special and unique.  From planning to executing EVOKE’s amazing events, every moment is priceless and memorable!

The Ultimate Moment: When the bride and groom have their first dance together as man and wife, my heart melts every time.  I absolutely love being able to see the happiness on their faces and the joy in their hearts set to music.  That moment lasts forever.