The theme for this home based Mitzvah was more like the “personal touch”. Our Mitzvah boy, Ethan was the inspiration for every detail of this spectacular event! Capital Decor used clean lines, a blend of industrial and natural elements, reflective surfaces and navy blue and silver for basis for the design.

The cocktail hour featured three-dimensional “E’s” constructed of bright green button mums on mirrors. Our adult guests enjoyed wood fired brick oven pizzas made to order by Susan Gages chefs while the kids made “Ethan” and “Lucky” pennies on the custom penny machine.Gobo projections gave a third dimension of detail on the tables and industrial towers displaying a metallic version of Ethan’s logo bridged the gap between the “ceiling” and our tables. The adults dined at a trio of table shapes with their own unique touches. Landscape lighting designed by Frost provided a well-lit platform for our cocktail area allowing guests to enjoy themselves in the yard as the sun set on our fall evening. Frost lighting provided us with remarkable lighting as a heavy decor element for this client who wanted a clean aesthetic. MC Justin and Onyx Extreme got the party off the ground from the second the kids walked in the door. The dance floor remained packed all night! On a side note: movies and popcorn are still the ultimate pairing, just be careful when serving buttered popcorn on a high gloss dance floor! It makes a game of Coke and Pepsi an interesting one! We absolutely *loved* the table design for this event. The kids tables were faux silver/blue snakeskin with white benches.

Sugarplum’s clear top navitrac tent is an EVOKE favorite because of its clean lines and open floor plan which make the space that much more dramatic.

He’s no cupcake! But THAT is! Rather than a traditional birthday cake, Ethan wanted a cupcake. A seventy-five pound cupcake. Complete with details of his favorite things, places, people and activities. It was definitely a treat to see that come together!

There’s only one way to go out when you’ve just been a part of such an exciting experience and that, is on top! Industrial trusses built during dinner displayed hand dipped chocolate pretzels and bottles of water for guests to take with them.Why stop the entertainment when the party “ends”??

A string quartet provided lively classical tunes for guests as they waited for their cars at the end of the evening. This is by far one EVOKE fav that we love!

It’s all in the details…

A special thanks to all of our vendors & to Clay Blackmore for capturing every moment!