As the cold months come to a close, we are looking for ways to spruce up and brighten the EVOKE office now that it’s Spring! What better way to add a little freshness to your daily space than with some bright florals. We’ve collected 5 spring arrangements from our events to add a little inspiration to your seasonal rejuvenation.

Modern & Simplistic

The first moments of spring are always followed by a thorough “spring cleaning.” All white orchids can provide such a lovely aroma that pairs exceptionally with a clean new living or working space. Not to mention, orchids last longer than most flowers and are easy maintenance. A double plus!

Youthful & Bright

For a youthful look, have a little fun with color! Pick a few of your favorite flowers in a variety of different shades. Here, Sweet Root Village framed the bouquet with large shades of pink and complimented the rosy hue with purple and yellow details.

Make a Bold Statement

What is more quintessentially spring then a bouquet of tulips? These budding beauties are perfect to brighten up a kitchen or your work desk. Pick a bold color like tangerine orange to make a radiant presentation.

Oversized Joy

As D.C. begins to be painted by gorgeous cherry blossom and dogwood trees, we have taken some inspiration from oversized centerpieces that have a tree like characteristic to them. An easy way to recreate this for the home is to take some blossom branches as framing to your bouquet followed with some large peonies or hydrangeas to fill in the spaces. Position the oversized arrangement as a centerpiece on your kitchen table, coffee table, or arranged on a pedestal in the foyer to greet guests.

Soft & Sweet

For a more uniform bouquet, center your flowers around a clean white pallet with a pop of your favorite color. Here we have a bride who chose lavender purple for her statement hue. Hints of green also provide a very spring-like essence to the lovely floral arrangement.


  • Photo 1:

    Ralph Alswang Photography

  • Photo 2:

    Sweet Root Village

  • Photo 3:

    Michael Temchine Photography

  • Photo 4:

    Abby Jiu Photography, Blue Vanda Designs

  • Photo 5:

    READYLUCK, Sweet Root Village