A bridal shower is perhaps one of the most exciting things a bride can look forward to before her wedding, next to the cake tasting perhaps! It is designed to pamper the bride, gather ladies closest to her heart, and give her the much-needed breather before the big day. This is commonly  organized by the maid of honor, together with the bridesmaids and close friends and family members of the bride.

Without knowing all the details, as a bride, it’s important to let the organizers know of your preference, be it the theme, the time of day, or guests. The bride needs to be comfortable, above all. Part of being comfortable is to wear the right attire. Depending on what the overall feel of the gathering will be, here are some fashion ideas to inspire you on what to wear to your bridal shower.

Pretty Patterns and Pastel Hues
Think tea parties and garden brunch. A gathering of girls is the perfect opportunity to be girly. Don a dress with modern hems and necklines with classic cuts in preferably floral prints or plain pastel. If it is indeed a tea themed party, you can add fabulous accessories such as a hat, a pair of gloves and some semi-mount rings. Just don’t overdo it. Remember, the key is to be classy.

Full Lace
Dainty, feminine, and romantic, lace numbers are always a welcome detail to any wedding-related event. Arrive in a full lace dress in white to give a glimpse of how beautiful you will look as a bride.

Tulle Skirt
Carrie Bradshaw saw it coming: the comeback of tulle skirts in all its glory. Whether knee-length, midi, or full, this style is making charming statements these days. What’s good about it is that you can pair it with almost anything. A tank top, a shirt, an off-the-shoulder blouse, you name it and a tulle skirt will easily make it look softer and more trendy. Match it with a pair of closed stilettos to achieve that Pinterest worthy look.

Since bridal showers are not meant to be a formal event, you don’t have to be in a dress or skirt. Opt for a jumpsuit. Choose a fabric and cut that are flattering and classy. Bring out your heels and be the chic, sassy bride your friends will admire. Pick out light colors such as pink, coral, powder blue and purple, while skip solid colors like navy, red, and black.