Fall wedding season is here, and whether you are the father of the bride, a member of the wedding party, or even just dating a bridesmaid, it doesn’t take as much time as you think to look great. A stylist can help you find your look. But here are the top things to know when you choosing your attire.

There are usually four events that you will have to show up for: Welcome Dinner, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Day, and the Sunday Brunch

Rehearsal Dinner. Though sometimes these events are casual, usually this event is a step up from the welcome meal, so we want to go classy. That means a suit. A quick note on suits – you can spend a small fortune on a suit. How: The quality of the material, Custom made, Going with Luxury brands like Polo or Hugo Boss. These are just a few of the factors that determine the cost of your suit. For today, let’s assume you are going to buy an affordable suit and have your local tailor make any necessary adjustment for fit.

When picking out your suit a few things to consider:

Color: Black or gray suits are go-to for events like these. They work well and, unlike the bridesmaids’ dresses, actually can be worn again. A great suit gives you a wide range of flexibility. But leave your blue pinstriped power suit behind – this is not a business meeting.

Style: Go with the standard yet classic two button jacket with a narrow lapel.  This look is timeless, and you will feel and look fantastic. If you want to go a bit more stylized a three button jacket is fine as well. The back of suit coat will have 1 slit in the center or 2 slits at the sides they are called vents and help the jacket fit while giving you some room to move around.  If you are a slender build the single vent is fine, and if you’re a Husky guy (waist size 40 and over) consider the two vent option.

Shoes: For this event, you want shoes with a shine to them. I would go with cap toe oxfords or Broughs. If you go with a black suit, you should stick with black shoes as well. However, brown shoes will work with a gray suit and will look great and add a bit of pop to your entire look. You really can’t go wrong in style or prices if you go with Florsheim, Johnston & Murphy or Kenneth Cole. Shoes don’t have to be expensive – look online at Zappos or visit DSW, where they often carry these brands.

Shirt and tie. Since a Real Guy will leave the blue pinstripe suit behind, we may as well also leave the light blue business shirt behind. To look sharp, classy, and respectful, rock a crisp white shirt and a tie. A couple of pointers for helping you select a great looking tie.  First, remember you don’t want to outshine the groom and certainly not the bride. A monochromatic tie in black, dark blue, gray or white works well.  For a subtle style pop, consider a tie with a paisley or floral print.

BONUS STYLE POINTS: For a subtle style flair, consider a tie that complements the outfit your significant other is wearing.

The Wedding. Today is the main event, and it is time to look your best.

Father of the bride gear: An understated black suit is going to be your best friend today. Add to this a white dress shirt and a monochromatic tie – Navy blue, black or even gray is fine.  Shoes for the day should be either a Cap Toe Oxford, a Monkstraps or a Brough.  They should be patent leather and shined to perfection for this day.

Groom gear: In addition to the Bride, this is your day too, and you want to feel great and look great, those two things are not mutually exclusive by the way. If you feel great in your gear, you can’t help but look great. I say this because you have to decide if you’re going to go the more traditional route of wearing a tux or a suit on the big day. Either option can be made to look great. A tuxedo is more traditional and more formal, whereas a suit is a bit more modern and less formal. Your decision depends on what you and your bride are looking to achieve. Sorry typo, your decision depends on what your bride tells you what she wants you to wear.

Let’s talk about the options: If you’re thinking tux, stay away from the standard rental tux type places. Tuxes from these companies are often worn, with frayed cuffs and lapels, and after so many washes over the years, the color has started to fade. Try an online rental clothier like Menguin or Generation Tux.

If you’re going with a suit, go with the standard yet classy two-button jacket with a narrow lapel.  This style is time less, and you will feel and look great. Follow the guidelines above, and you will look great.

Both Generation Tux and Menguin have a great selection and offer customizations that allow you to distinguish yourself from the rest of your groomsmen.  Even more importantly, they will take your exact measurements, so you know you are getting a tux that fits well, a critical factor for looking great.

BONUS STYLE POINTS: Add a blue, gray or printed tie with a colorful pocket square.

DOUBLE BONUS POINTS : Add a unique pair of cufflinks.

Lastly, we can’t forget our groomsmen. I’m a big fan of having them all look the same and following your lead, whether you choose a tux or a suit. If you are wearing a tux they should wear a tux; if you are donning a suit, they should wear a suit. If you use an online service, be specific in your request for your groomsmen. Specify the jacket style (2-3 buttons) shirt color, cuff style. Again this is where a service like Generation Tux or Menguin really can be helpful. Find a style you like and shoot a link to your boys.

You are all set for the two formal and most stressful events of the wedding weekend. Look for part 2 of this blog on Thursday and where we solve the what to wear dilemma for the welcome dinner and the Sunday brunch.

If you do not feel like you can handle it, contact @Realgear4realguys. They can help you look great and feel at ease for the weekend. For more great fashion ideas, tips and a great blog check out the website.